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We’ve been quiet on the blog front and we’re working on an update [you lucky, lucky people]. We’ve trolled around Exmouth, Poole, Exeter, Minehead [!], Tenerife and some other stuff so hold your breath and we’ll try our best to bore the crap out of you in about 10 days time. Betcha can’t wait eh? Here’s Mt Teide in Tenerife for a start…..




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West coast road trip – Part 3 [finally..]

This is the last part [Hurrah I hear you cry] and is a bit longer as a wrap up. You should be able to click on the pictures to see full size versions. …or maybe not. Whatever…

Last time I think we’d just guzzled some Margeritas and retired after “shooting the rapids”. We arrived in Springdale in time for the evening concert as mentioned in Part 2 but I forgot to mention the drive in via the wonderful and awesome Route 9 through the mountains.

We elected to try walking the “Narrows” up through the canyons. You need to rent special boots and a walking pole because you walk part of it in the river and it can come up to chest height….. This Sunday, thankfully, it was not quite so rough but still it was a totally exhilarating few hours. We started at 7:30am so that we could have the place to ourselves.




….and everything was going so well…… thanks for the waterproof Nikon Tony…. This is first video I have placed in a blog. It looks a bit crumbly but you can change the settings to give a much nicer result at the bottom right of the frame when it’s playing. Allegedly….

After drying out and enjoying the local brew & view it was time to sleep and move on to Las Vegas. We’d been before [24 years ago!] and it was real fun. Now, not so much. We had a great meal in the revolving restaurant at the top of the Stratosphere [840ft up]..


..and the hotels displays were tacky and fun but the place was crowded [not bustling, just packed] and everything appeared to be a rip off with none of the lovely, friendly people we have experienced everywhere else. Not for us and we’ll not be back. A good visit for one night though before moving on the Kingman and…


We stayed in the most fantastic slice of old time America, the Hilltop Inn. Just as it was 50 years ago.


£31 per night. Truly great and with a chicken fried steak and a cold one across the road, we slept well… We were determined to take the old Route 66 through the mountains via Oatman. We had a big 4WD Explorer so were ready for the challenge.   Rarely have I ever been that nervous. Barely room for 2 cars to pass with dead drops and no barriers. A life forming experience. This was a flat part….


A long drive now through the desert to Morro bay and the Pacific Ocean. Time to praise Spotify here. The playlist we did before we left and ones we made up during the trip kept the wheels rolling and us singing along. Worth every cent…

Morro Bay is a delightful seaside town with a lovely harbour and a really laid back style. We’d go back in a blink. We strolled the front, sampled a drink [surprise!] and settled for calamari, prawns, scallops all washed down with fantastic Tap-it IPA and a margerita. Just sublime…



On the way back to the hotel, the sun set behind the famous rock…


An early start had us on Pacific Coast Highway 1, the coast road to San Francisco. The road meanders up the coast and is a truly wonderful drive. We should really have had the Corvette again! There are many chances to stop and just take in the stunning views.

DSC_0012 (2)

DSC_0014 (2)

Finally we reached Alamo at the airport to return the old faithful Ford Explorer. Comfy, well equipped, good looking and about 150 horsepower short. Did the job over 3500 miles and thanks to Andy at Alamo for sorting the upgrade etc. The final 3 days in San Francisco with no driving was just a restful wander compared to the sometimes frenetic previous two and a half weeks. We ‘did’ Alacatraz which was fabulous, the Coit Tower, visited the world’s greatest book shop City Lights, rode a cable car [of course] and ate at the Tonga Room.

DSC_0099 (2)

The view from the top of the Coit is great.. Golden Gate at the left, Alcatraz to the right.

DSC_0156 (2)

It’s where it all started…

DSC_0197 (2)

Din, Ding. DING, DING!

DSC_0026 (2)

and the Tonga almost defies description. The raft with the live band floats up and down the ‘lake’ and when they take five there’s a thunderstorm with rain. Totally awesome.


Well, time to go, but before we left, they decided to say goodbye with an earthquake at 3am. We were on the 12th floor and it certainly woke us up and prompted endless “did the earth move for you” jokes. Oh how we laughed. After brunch at “Top of the Mark” on the top floor of the Mark Hopkins hotel we fell into the bosom of British Airways and home…

Still, enough now. A Gearheads edition to come plus a photo gallery. I bet you can hardly wait. Hey, HEY! You still awake out there?

Happy Trails

Trev & Di


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West coast road trip – Part 2

We’re now in Zion National Park, Utah. The state where if you want a beer in a bar you have to buy a pretzel. Am I fed up with pretzels! Anyway, rewind to the relief of leaving Price. We interrupted the run down to Monument Valley with a visit to Deadhorse Point. A 22 mile detour from the highway this was an amazing place. Legend has it that is so named because in days gone by ranch hands would drive unwanted feral horses off of the cliff to dispose of them. Nice. Anyway, the views are tremendous.




After sizzling in 33 degrees walking to the point, we fired up the artic air conditioning in the Explorer and motored on to Monument Valley.


This hotel (The View) is within the Navajo Nation tribal lands. The hotel is so named because all of the rooms have “The view”.


If you drag yourself out of bed at 6am you can get to see the sunrise.


If you want to see the tribal lands they escort you in a pickup truck out onto the native areas. Some beautiful sights and occasionally a lucky shot.


After a day’s rest we packed up again…..


…and left for the town of Page on Lake Powell. Staying at Jake’s motel, we went out to see the Antelope Canyon and its remarkable light.


The next day we took a raft ride up Glen Canyon. A 4 hour trip, we cruised around Horseshoe Bend. We visited this earlier in the day from the viewpoint at the top of the canyon. (800 foot drop and no railing….). The first pictures are from the top and in the second one you can see a small boat in the river. This is the trip we took and the last picture is the view up to the viewpoint from the boat.




A wonderful afternoon which we finished by celebrating “Margarita Time”.


You’ll note mine has an automatic beer chaser. As soon as you finish sucking the cocktail thought the straw, this lets the air in and the glass refills with cold Corona. Hee hee…. Anyway, next stop was Zion National Park. On arrival we managed to get tickets for the concert in the mountains at night. Great experience.


Di has got us trekking the river up the canyon next so time for a rest (and possibly a beer!)

Happy trails

Trev & Di


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West coast road trip – Part 1

I write this from Price in Utah. Don’t bother looking it up. Nothing ever happens here. Ever. We’re in transit to the next part of the holiday which started back on last Tuesday when BA delivered us to San Francisco. After a quick sleep it was off to the Napa Valley in the Corvette.


This is something to drive. 400hp 6 litre V8. I’ll do a gearheads Newsletter later and wax lyrical. The drive over the Golden Gate was a thrill…


..and the roads and views were fabulous. Didn’t take that many pictures as the car took all my concentration…. Anyway we had to return that and change to our workhorse for the remainder of the trip, a Ford Explorer. Big, roomy and comfy.


After lunch overlooking San Francisco Bay from Sausalito we left to visit friends in Sacramento and then the brewery visit with Steve & Cathy who live in Chico. The Sierra Nevade brewery tour, tasting and food was superb. Makes a change to have proper “craft’ beer.


From there we ran down to South Lake Tahoe. The run through the Sierra Nevada mountains on California 20 is superb.



This is a wonderful place. The lake is beautiful and the views from the top of the mountain (after a thrilling but scary gondola ride) were just breath taking…


A couple of days here and then off to Bonneville for Speedweek. Only it rained, monsoon style and the meeting was washed out…


The track is behind me under a foot of water. Not much good for 400 mph racing. Aaaaaargh! I did however get the shirt!


Now back to Price. Actually leaving Price will be great….. Monument Valley next and then Lake Powell. Part 2 next week.

Trev & Di


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Royal Navy Air Day

This past Saturday we trundled up to RNAS Yeovilton for the annual air show. Son Sam is stationed there in 847 Squadron and was taking part in the end of show display. We’re not plane nuts but you can’t fail to be impressed by just the power, speed and skill. A few plane pictures:


Spitfires in tandem


No 43


A beautiful day and hot, hot, hot…..


Formation flying, very impressive.


Hey, a jet with a hot rod paint job!

The finale was a set piece whereby the Royal Navy rescues us from the bad guys. Sam had to rope down from a Merlin helicopter and then lay waste to the baddies.






So, a great day and a real thrill.

The next post will hopefully be from California as we start our holiday next week…

Happy Trails

Trev & Di


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Bonneville here we come

Challenger II- Day 3  Image by Holly Martin METAL AND SPEED  (2 of 17) Challenger II- Image by Holly Martin METAL AND SPEED (13 of 5) Come Monday 11th August we will be at Speedweek on Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah to see Danny Thompson shoot for 500mph in the 4000hp Challenger II. There are seven land speed record cars going for the wheel driven world land speed record so hang on to your hats. Hopefully I will post a report at the end of the day. For more on Danny and the car go to

Happy trails, Trev & Di.                   Picture by Holly Martin – Metal & Speed


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Easter 2014

It being the season of the egg and, for no better excuse than that, we popped over the water to the Isle of Wight and more specifically Ventnor for a brief wander in the land of the three fingered glove. Our guest house, St Maur, was very nice if a bit too far from the the esplanade and the walk down to the front is pretty steep. The sunshine of Saturday did make it look rather nice…


A wander onto the esplanade and the rather nice Spyglass Inn. Feet up, crab sandwich and a cold one [or two] saw an hour drift by…


We walked along the front and and a visit to the Crab & Lobster Tap in Grove Road saw us nip back to base for a snooze before dinner at Phileas Foggs. Very nice and the evening rounded out with drinks at The Royal Hotel.

Ventnor is bloody hilly and our calves were feeling the pinch on Sunday although, as we were returning home in the rain, nothing a kip on the sofa with a cuppa did not cure.

Trev & Di

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